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BCS National Championship 2011 Preview: Part Two: Matchups and sentiment give the edge to Ducks over Tigers

Part two of my BCS National Championship Game preview gets to the heart of the matter: what are Oregon and Auburn are likely to do to each other in the perfect conditions of Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, AZ? If I had to rank my “spread offense gurus”, the Top 5 in no particular order would […]

Oregon and Auburn legitimize the spread offfense

By Mark Colyer, SpreadOffense.com The two teams in the BCS national title game, No. 1 Auburn and No. 2 Oregon, are perfect examples of how the spread offense style of attack has taken off in college football. The no huddle, get-on-the-field-and-go style of play that a spread offense makes possible has done much to improve the […]


Amazing!  Hard to believe the fantasy season is almost over! For most leagues, this is either the last week, or, the next to the last week, for regular season fantasy action.  These games are important for those fantasy coaches who are looking for a playoff spot…selecting a good fantasy team QB is a must. Fortunately, […]

BlogPoll Top 25: the Birth of my new #1

Just as the South Carolina victory over Alabama gave way for a new #1 in the mid-season college football polls, so too did last week give birth to my new #1 Baby Girl Mullins! As expected, she already knows how to celebrate a touchdown: After the jump, why I position the Oregon Ducks ahead of […]


Nothing troubles a fantasy owner more than one of their star players and his team having a “week off”.  With the current set-up of 12 regular season games in 14 weeks by the NCAA FBS schools, there will be at least one week off for every FBS member. However, some schools will have a week […]


For the first weekend of games in October, there is a notable decline in sure-fire, play-them-this-week fantasy QBs from previous weeks.  Gone are the easy non-conference games for the high-octane programs.  Now, the games get a little more tougher, and a little more meaningful, for the big-time programs. There will be some exceptions this week….notably […]


We figured it would be a matter of time that the heir-apparent to Florida QB Tim Tebow would have a break-out game… Um, wait, it wasn’t that Tebow heir-apparent… Cameron Newton, (#2 runing with ball, photo, thanks AP/Butch Dili) the junior QB from Auburn, and, former backup to Tim Tebow while at Florida, wins the […]


He plays oufielder for a perennial nationally-ranked baseball program….he rushed for the most yards in California high school football history….he took 21 credit hours of classes this fall semester….he darn near won the Heisman Trophy…. That “he” is Stanford running back Toby Gerhart….who also is our Fantasy College Blitz – Pac 10 Fantasy Player of […]

Chip Kelly now coach of Oregon football

Oregon coaching legend Mike Bellotti has resigned to become athletic director at the school, and offensive whiz Chip Kelly will take over control of the football program. From a fantasy college football perspective this changes very little of the Duck fortunes – the recent offense has been the Chip Kelly offense, and we can expect […]

QB UPDATE 08/25/08

Oregon QB Justin Roper (pictured, thanks IconSMI) may have almost lost his head on this play, but he moves ahead (no pun intended) of Nathan Costa on the Ducks depth chart (at least for the opener Saturday vs Washington). Roper, who had a brilliant performance in last season’s Sun Bowl game, gets the call to […]


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