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PODCAST: Vince and Jason assemble the Top 25 College Football Rankings

Vince Mullins and Jason Collette targeted this week to get serious with our Top 25. After all, there just have not been enough data points of games and “opponents of opponents” to get a feel for the realtive strength of one program to another. We agree that five teams can claim the number one spot […]

PODCAST: Week Two Review, mostly about Denard Robinson and other college football stars

Vince Mullins joins Matt McCluskey on WNER 1410 ESPN Radio to review the elegance of Michigan QB Denard Robinson when allowed to create, the execution of the Notre Dame offense (in favor of it), and some of the heretofore unknown college football stars of early 2011. http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v18c.swf

PODCAST: On college football conference realignment

Drew Smith, Chief Fantasy Officer, shares his views on the future of college football as the top programs in the sport continue to dance with each other to align new superpower conference affiliations.

PODCAST: Week One Preview Blitz on Fix

Enough of the scandals and the conference realignment – time to talk about football on the field! Matt McCluskey and Vince Mullins break down the biggest games in college football Week One – will LSU be better off with only one QB against Oregon, how will Boise State react this time versus Georgia, and how […]

PODCAST: Rivalry Week Review

Boise State loses, Cam Newton saves the day and the BCS Mythical National Title Game is almost set – just another rivalry Week in college football! WNER’s Matt McClusky hosts Vince Mullins to break down the long weekend that was in college football on November 29, 2010. http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v11.swf RSS Feed is here – http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

Vince Mullins and Matt McClusky talk college football on WNER

Matt McCluskey’s paying gig is hosting his own sports talk show “Matt Mc’s Sports Fix” on New York’s WNER 1410 ESPN Sports Radio, and somehow he fits in time to perform as our Big East correspondent. Monday we caught up on the big college football topics of the day like Cam Newton‘s awesomeness, the BCS […]

PODCAST: The end of the spread offense as we know it?

After three weeks of football, only 2 of the top 50 fantasy college football producers are wide receivers – is the old pass-happy spread giving way to the run-based spread? and why? and how does that affect your fantasy projections? Chris Pendley of SimulatedGamedayExperience.com and Vince Mullins break down the top defenses of this season, […]

PODCAST: Week Two Wrap on the Fix

Vince guested on Matt Mc Sports Fix, and we all need a hit. Covering all the big stories of college football’s Monster weekend, but mostly focusing on the Denard Robinson phenomena and the flaccid ACC performance (4 ranked ACC teams lost). Oh yes, and Matt McCluskey loves him some Big East… http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v9.swf RSS Feed Archive […]

PODCAST: Week One Rewind: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One hour of Week One goodness! Vince Mullins welcomes back Daniel Freer to BlitzRadio to give you the best insight in fantasy college football. We review the good (Kendall Hunter), bad (Notre Dame offense) and the ugly (Kansas Jayhawks) of Week One. In the second half-hour, we look at the best Week One performances and […]

PODCAST: NFL Draft review – what college football star got the best weekend job?

It is NEVER too early to talk football! Or too late to prepare for the NFL fantasy season, hence this original podcast. Vince Mullins and Drew Smith share their insights on the best picks of the NFL Draft weekend, with a special focus the best potential impact NFL fantasy rookies for 2010. Tim Tebow may […]


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