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SEC Watchdog: There's a New QB in Carolina

We’re finally in the full throes of conference play. This means the starts get a bit trickier, but the games get more fun.  Also, right now it means Alabama and LSU destroy everything in their path, but that was going to happen anyway. Alabama v. Vanderbilt It’s Alabama; Trent Richardson sounds like a good start, […]

SEC Watchdog: This just in…LSU, Bama are Good

The passing contingent of the SEC actually showed up this week! Victories like that are measured in small amounts, but they still count. Also, TDs count, which is the theme of this week. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (30-51, 510 yds, 2 TD; 6 car, -29 yds) This is many yards, yes? The TDs don’t match […]

SEC Watchdog: Chris Rainey vs. The World (or just Bama)

We’re finally into October, which means we’re finally going to get a chance to weed out some of the conference uncertainty.  One month in, it looks like LSU and Alabama are national title contenders, it’ll come down to Florida and South Carolina in the SEC East, and there may be three to four more good […]

SEC Watchdog: Your Retro SEC

Back during the preseason, I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with the QB and WR rankings for the SEC.  I really couldn’t come up with much after the top 2-3 guys in either case.  Well, this week, one of the top QBs was off, one of the top WRs was […]

SEC Watchdog: Realign this for Week Four

Are we out of the non-conference woods yet? Please? We’ve had little bits and pieces of quality in-conference showdowns so far, but that largely consists of Georgia-South Carolina, LSU-Mississippi State, and Florida-Tennessee, which still hurts to think about. Those aren’t bad matchups, but aside from Florida-Tennessee, they’re short marquee names and marquee title implications. That […]

SEC Watchdog: Sit Vick Ballard against LSU

Well, we’re almost out of the out-of-conference woods now. Only half the SEC teams are playing other teams, and only two of those teams (Alabama and Georgia) are playing absolute walkovers. Kentucky gets no credit, because they’re a walkover until proven otherwise. Mississippi State v. LSU So you know how I said Vick Ballard would be […]

SEC Watchdog: Week 2 Combustible Stat Lines

We’re finally getting closer to the end of out-of-conference play. Then again, this is mostly good news for me (I don’t have to go through twelve box scores to find everyone) and not for, say, Arkansas, not that it made much difference yesterday. Besides, apparently even the good defenses have off days, although South Carolina’s […]

SEC Watchdog: Week 2 Preview

Look, I hate to write about expansion as much as anyone. I don’t think I have a choice, though; with Texas A&M openly courting the SEC and the rest of the Big XII bolting for the doors, it’s time for me to think bigger. With that in mind, I’m going to take this week to […]

SEC Watchdog: Week 1 Recap

After a relatively quiet opening week, the SEC looks to regroup going into Week 2. Wait, what’s that you say? Auburn should’ve lost against Utah State? Georgia is already starting to unravel? Um, well then. Alabama at least dominated an overmatched opponent, right? Good. Top Players: Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee (17-24, 293 yds, 3 TD; […]

SEC Watchdog: Week 1 Preview

I’d be lying if I said I was excited about the majority of the games this week. On the other hand, it’s football, you know? The headline games are as big as they get – why hello, Oregon – but aside from a couple of games along those lines, it’s all just guesswork and covering […]


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