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Saturday Morning College Football Breakfast Burrito…Week Seven

burritoWhile Vince Mullins is on assignment for Fantasy College Blitz, once again the “Steven Sheffield of burrito-making”, Daniel Freer, will prepare this morning’s burrito.   Although Daniel has improved his burrito-making skills…mind you, it is not the burrito made by Mullins and Company…but, he does put it out a little earlier…

Of course, the big game this week (all apologies to USC@Notre Dame) is the Red River Shootout at the Texas State Fair in Dallas (Cotton Bowl) between Texas and Oklahoma.   This game may not have the “awesome” factor it had earlier in the year….with Oklahoma having two, 1-point losses coming into the game….but it will still have a huge impact on the Big XII and National Championship race.

It looks to be a nice weekend….at least in the Southeast…and a great one, weather-wise, for college football.  Of note is that the state of Florida sees its coolest weekend of the season…with game-time temps in the upper 60’s (woo-hoo!) for the Florida-Arkansas game in Gainesville….and the UCF-Miami game in Orlando.   You can check out all the latest Saturday weather forecasts at Weather Channel.  Just click their link to the College Football Gameday forecasts on the main page.


With some of the big games on Saturday, it is important to get the latest on the best fantasy plays for this weekend (Week Seven)….

Most notable, is that (ahem) “yours truly”….warns you about playing either Texas QB Colt McCoy or Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford this weekend.   Before you think the second-string burrito guy is nuts….read his reasoning on FROM THE SHOTGUN.  (Note:  The McCoy-Bradford sit info is toward the end of the article)

FROM THE SHOTGUN…Week Seven QB Start/Sit


Vince Mullins, as we mentioned earlier, is on assignment.  Well, um, actually it is really a vacation….but “on assignment” sounds so much cooler to say….it has that “oh crap, this is serious” type of tone.   Mullins is in Stillwater, OK, for the Oklahoma State-Missouri game….but found time to offer some good WR advice in his weekly GOING DEEP column


By the way, you will be able to spot Mullins at T. Boone Pickens Stadium inDez-Bryant11 Stillwater for the game Saturday night on ESPN2….he will be the one carrying the FREE DEZ BRYANT sign (Dez Bryant photo…Vince Mullins/FCB)

UPDATE:  Sat 1130am -Ryan Broyles to start for Oklahoma


Do not fret….we have not forgot the RBs.  Our Chief Fantasy Officer, Drew Smith, has a great write-up on this weeks best plays at the position with his weekly POWER-I column….and I am not just saying that because he seems to like all my fantasy RBs for this week

Power-I Week 7


And, check out our weekly conference recaps/previews, put together by our fine….however….under-paid staff.  Check out our various reports/previews at the links below…or at our main FCB page

SEC Bookends: Threat Down

Big East Bookend: Weeknight Spotlight is on

Big 10 Bookends: Big 10 is Big Pimpin’

Nick’s MAC Picks & Previews


Our friends at College Fantasy Football Insider once again provides many of us with the latest in specific player news.  Check out the latest on the greatest in college football through the Player News section from CFFI

College Fantasy Football Player News – College Fantasy Football Insider


A big shout-out to my Dad, Durward Freer, who is getting married today (Saturday).  Congrats to him and his bride, Lyn, as they walk down the aisle.  Of course, this means I will miss the big UCF-Miami game Saturday night….oh well, congrats, still….


gob segwayOf course, many of us who are fans of the great TV show Arrested Development are still waiting for that AD movie that has been promised (er…OK…mentioned) in the final scene of the series finale.  Since I cannot create the movie myself….I bid you farewell today with the legendary GOB and his Segway.   Man, cannot wait for the AD movie to come out…COME ON!


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