FROM THE SHOTGUN….Week Eleven QB Start/Sit

TimTebowWith most fantasy leagues well into their playoffs, we will go in a slightly different direction with our From The Shotgun article this week.

By now, you have a pretty good idea whether your fantasy QBs are productive, or, are not (the latter is especially for those done with 2009 and already planning for 2010).

However, some of your top fantasy QBs may be walking into one of those late-season land-mine games….maybe not so  much as a loss for their real teams, but, one of those games where the score is closer than expected….and the stats page does not look so pretty.

Even Florida QB Tim Tebow (photo, thanks IconSMI) is not a safe lock to play this week, as his Gators travel to South Carolina…

Tim Tebow – Florida (at South Carolina): The Gators offense has not been real smooth in recent weeks, and, play their last 2009 regular season game where the opponent can offer any real challenge.   Not saying that the Ol’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier Gamecocks upset his alma-mater and former head coaching stop….but they can contain Tebow just enough to wreck your fantasy team.

Jerrod Johnson – Texas A&M (vs Oklahoma): The improving Aggies are developing weapons like Johnson, but, the Sooners still have a good defense, and will limit the yards and scores put up by Johnson and TAMU this weekend.

Todd Reesing – Kansas (vs Nebraska): Do not look for the KU offense (or Reesing) to get back on track this weekend….the Huskers win games because of their defense.  Having All-World tackle Ndamukong Suh destroying anything that moves wearing opposing uniforms, the Huskers can shut any offense down.

B.J. Daniels – South Florida (at Rutgers): Once the darling of everyone a few weeks ago,  Daniels now is just another QB for another fading team.  This is not Daniels fault, as USF always starts out great, then peters out at the end….it is the lack of real depth at the Tampa-based school.  Rutgers seems to go opposite…peaking towards the end of the season, after laying some eggs early on.

Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame (at Pittsburgh): Pittsburgh has D048360035.JPGquietly produced a fine football team in 2009, and only a blip against North Carolina State has kept them from being the talk of college football this season.  If Clausen (photo, right, thanks GoIrish) struggles against an undermanned Navy squad…what do you think will happen against a deeper Panther team?  Gasoline will be added to the Charlie Weis hot-seat this weekend.

G. J. Kinne – Tulsa (at East Carolina): After a promising start, Kinne has struggled at times during the season.  East Carolina is the best team in CUSA West, and, their defense is what keeps them competitive with just about anyone.  Also, the ECU Pirates have a penchant for the interception, picking off 5 Tulsa passes in the 2008 CUSA Championship game at Tulsa last season.

(Note:  If your QB is not mentioned above, it is a safe bet to play him this week.  Also, Note II, just about all of the top producing QBs are playing this week….this will be the last week of the season where the majority of the top QBs will be in action this week.)


2 comments on “FROM THE SHOTGUN….Week Eleven QB Start/Sit

  1. Should Vince play Kaepernick or Dwight Dasher? He keep mumbling about it this week…

  2. […] Freer focuses on the QB sits, and he has already nailed it with the recommended Pine Time on USF BJ […]

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