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GOING DEEP: College Football Wide Receivers, Playoff Edition

Fantasy Playoffs? Playoffs? Is it already the playoffs? I am just trying to win a game! ( you knew this was coming at some point…)

If you are like me, your fantasy college football teams roll with bulwark RB’s getting 25 touches a game, but you are struggling to fill in WRs to maximize your point potential. If you followed my advice this year you likely have hustled to cover for injuries to McKay Jacobson and Eric Decker, and likely also the sad case of Mike Williams. Hopefully you also grabbed Danario Alexander and Drew’s preseason sleeper Armon Binns.

But if you are your own GM, crafting your own path thru this chaotic world of fantasy college football and making it to the playoffs, you may have other needs. This week, you got my quick hits on four different categories:

Permastarters – play them even if they have the flu
Hot – three week trends are in your favor
BLITZindex specials – our exclusive defense rankings highlight high probability plays.
SIT – finally, the dark side of fantasy where you ask for a players’ helmet and don’t let him in the game.


As we finish up Homecoming season, we still have some great matchups. In order:

Jordan Shipley at Baylor – I smell some Heisman-worthy stats

Danario Alexander, Mizzou at Kansas State – with Wildcats, Iowa St and Kansas on deck, I predice Alexander will make his push for NFL scouts to notice him in a big way.

Freddie Barnes at Miami – no one else capable of 20 recs in a game.

Golden Tate at Pitt – I sense a lot of pent up emotion ready to explode. I should know, it is just what we Irish do…hottest receiver is last three weeks if you get bonus points for long TDs.

James Cleveland at UCF – Knights D BI 34 but 98th in nation in Pass Efficiency Def. Keenum a lock for 500 and 5TD [ducks to avoid stuffed Nitro thrown at me]

Ryan Broyles vs. Texas A&M – doesn’t matter who the QB is, only the defense.

Greg Salas Hawaii host NM State – Salas could get salacious on the Aggies.

Mardy Gilyard, Cincy vs. WVU (Fri) – can’t sit him or Binns now.

Dezmon Briscoe / Kerry Meier vs. Nebraska – still should get something against Blackshirts even though #1 in the BLITZindex

Antonio Brown CMU vs. Toledo – time to shine, time to head for the castle.

Titus Young/Austin Pettis, Boise vs. Idaho – this will be a nasty football fight as these two schools truly hate each other. Witness Idaho HC Robb Akey‘s single-minded approach to the game while ignoring the bigger picture (to his credit)

“My goal is to be the least popular person with every administrator in the WAC conference,” Akey said, “because we have taken all the BCS hopes away from our conference.”

And by hopes he meant cash. We now know a win in this series is worth $1.3mil ($17 million conference payout divided by 9 teams). Rarely do we get such financial clarity these days. Speaking of finance, did you hear you can buy shares in Boise State Athletics?


Jeremy Williams, Tulane at Rice- no TDs since October 3, but 10+ touches in 6 of last 7 and no he face the horrific Owls D.

Damian Williams, USC vs. Stanford – much better fantasy streak, with 100 yards and/or a TD in five of last six.

DaMarco Sampson, San Diego State vs. Wyoming – Cowboys will be so confused by his aerial assault they will pray for the end of the Aztec calendar. At least they can enjoy the balmy 70 degrees of San Diego rather than home in the freezing desert.

Darvin Adams, Auburn vs. Georgia – I know, Adams just went nuts on Furman. But the Paladins are a traditional FCS power and for goodness sake, that is the GEORGIA D!!! Have we not learned anything this season?

BLITZindex specials

LaGregory Sapp, ULM vs. WKU – our weekly lottery ticket to play the Hilltopper defense (#120) is Sapp, who despite playing with two QBs has three straight 100 yd games, with the biggy the 7-187T2 at North Texas. I expect a repeat of such stats.

Blair White, Michigan State at Purdue (BI 81) – I will tell you that if Noel Devine can’t go Friday night I will not hesitate to put in the big White guy. Purdue offense and special teams put the D in rough spots, and no one sizes up with white.

McKay Jacobson, BYU at New Mexico (107) – Jacobsen first week back after nasty hammy pull netted 100 yards and a touch. UNM can’t stop anyone.

SIT (bad news for last)

I am calling for a top on Ohio State WR DeVier Posey as they host Iowa for the Rose Bowl berth. Posey has TD in 6 of his last eight, but the Hawkeyes D knows they have to play their best to make it to Pasadena and to make up for the loss of QB Ricky “Tin Cup” Stanzi. If Iowa opponent QBs were brought together with some DARPA-led genetic recombination, here would be the stat line.

160-315-T9 with 19 interceptions, completing only 51% and a passer rating of 94.30.

That isn’t even close to the Top 100 QBs this season – with Terrelle Pryor shakier than the European economy I just don’t see Posey continuing his torrid pace. Best individual yardage total allowed? 6-100 to Northern Iowa’s Herring,  and aforementioned Blair White earned 3-95T in the Sparty matchup.

Fewer QBs possess as clean a stat line as NC State’s Russell Wilson, but you just cannot play his WR Jarvis Williams against Clemson no matter the heatmap. The Tigers intercept one of every 12 passes thrown against them – That 8.02% leads the nation and is supported by the BI 18 rating.

Utah David Reed deserves vicious pine – nothing he has done, just that the Utes travel to TCU, the Abu Gharib of defenses. Reed has three mnster games but hose were against Utah State, Colorado State and Air Force. Wait, Falcons have a great squad but it is no TCU, especially with the MWC title on the line and an undefeated BCS Buster potential. Those who hate the BCS must root for the Horned Frogs. Obligatory mascot photo below.

Does he make you horny baby? Does he? (Icon SMI)

Does he make you horny baby? Does he? (Icon SMI)

I think I covered all I set out to do. Holler at ya boy if you need fantasy therapy. You must know that your team’s specific guidance will be answered with the utmost in rationality on the Forums, or under a cloak of secrecy by just emailing to vince [AT] fantasycollegeblitz [DOT] com. I’m here for you, mostly working nights so stop by when you can…

This weekend, likely will be tweeting like crazy starting at three pm, or I will hit the Live Chat over at Dr. Saturday with the handle Dwyer Straits.


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