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Coffee is for closers: Heisman should go to Gerhart

Venti: Stanford RB Toby Gerhart

Stanford RB Toby Gerhart made a strong Heisman Trophy case with three rushing TD and one passing against Notre Dame in his final game (Icon SMI)

Stanford RB Toby Gerhart made a strong Heisman Trophy case with three rushing TD and one passing against Notre Dame in his final game (Icon SMI)

Flat out stud. Durable and clutch. Other than the 24-17 loss to Wake Forest in Week 2 where he inexplicably had 6 second half carries, “Touchdown Toby” has averaged 27-149-2.3 TD per game. And other than the Wake game he has been the model of consistency, scoring in every game and never carrying less than 20 yards or gaining less than 100 yards.

And counter-intuitively, he’s gotten better as the season has worn on, just as other backs are wearing down. Mr. November has run for 742 yards and 13 scores against while facing 4 bowl teams, including 223 and 3 against Rose Bowl bound Oregon and flat out embarrassed the USC Defense in their own house to the tune of 178 and 3TD and was the key in Stanford’s ability to hold on the ball for nearly 19 minutes in the second half.

Grande: Florida’s Tim Tebow

Timmy might not have the numbers of his youth, but no single player has meant more to his school this season. Each and every week Tebow puts the Gators on his back and does not allow them to lose, or at least gets them in a spot to take advantage of a few…ahem…questionable calls by those wonderful SEC officials.

Sure the raw numbers aren’t great. But if I’m building a team, I want Gerhart in the backfield and TD Timmy under center. Maybe it is not the perfect marriage of system and talent, but Tebow may be the greatest college football player in history. Certainly the Heisman is not a lifetime award, dont get me wrong, but the point is Tebow can produce eye popping numbers, we’ve all seen that trick. This year is all he is doing is winning each and every time he takes his team onto the field.

Wherever he falls in the over pantheon of greatness, it cannot be debated that no DC ever wants to see this guy line up under center in 3rd and short – he is just short of unstoppable. I’m sure this is silly but it seems the number of 3-and-outs in his entire career could be counted with your shoes on. There has never been such a drive-sustaining player in college football, no more dangerous player in clutch situations. If its 3rd and short, Tebow WILL convert, if not on 3rd than he’ll be so close that he will pick it up on 4th. If if the ball is inside the 10, Tebow WILL score. Period. Florida has not attempted a FG of less than 20 yards all season, and have only tried 8 times from less than 30 yards. Precisely because he has not had the statistical season Gerhart has had, I will put him #2. But I would be ok with #1, he is that good.

Tall: Houston’s Case Keenum

Keenum probably got you (or someone you know) to a fantasy title this season, and I hate to penalize a guy for losses that are clearly due to a beyond porous D, but Keenum seems a little Kliff Kingsbury-esque in so much that Houston is new to this scene, we don’t really know if this is a plug-and-play offense of if Keenum is really the integral triggerman hs is made out to be. Sure the Okie State win (who was #5 at the time) was impressive, and if Houston beats UTEP and UCF I’d be giving more love because Keenum certainly didnt play *poorly* in those losses, but he really didnt play *great* in them either. He was 33 of 57 (59%) vs UCF, and when a team really needs the QB to win the game, I would expect 65-70% or better, especially in this type of offense with these types of playmakers. 5,000 yards is a great accomplishment, don’t get me wrong. But if building a team, Keenum just would not be on my short list for QB. Maybe in time I will become a believer, but for this season, I just dont know if how much is the offensive scheme, how much is the opposing defenses, and how much is Keenum himself for me to put him any higher than 3rd.


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