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Jeremy's Mock NFL Draft Update

Sam Bradford, thanks Icon SMI

Sam Bradford, thanks Icon SMI

St Louis Rams: Sam Bradford

This is practically a lock at this point regardless of their personal workout for Colt McCoy.

Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh

I’m staying true to this pick especially now that once rumors of Detroit trading for OG Rob Sims from Seattle have been completed and especially now since Detroit trade one of their DT back to Seattle.

Tampa Bay Bucs: Gerald McCoy

If Suh goes to Detroit, the Bucs take McCoy – simple as that.

Washington Redskins: Russell Okung

The trade for McNabb pretty much makes this one an automatic. They no longer have the pressure of drafting Clausen and can look to the 2nd or 3rd round for a possible QB of the future.

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Kansas City Chiefs: Bryan Bulaga

Alright fine! I give in! Scott Pioli keeps staying consistent with his whole “positional value” garbage which mean that even though Berry is super talented and would fill a need on this team, they will bypass him for a future anchor in the trenches.

Seattle Seahawks: Trent Williams

Word is that Trent Williams fits Pete Carroll’s schemes better anyways. Regardless, I cannot foresee Seattle not taking OT with this pick especially with Walter Jones probably about to retire.

Cleveland Browns: Jimmy Clausen

What?! Come Again! Yep. I am calling Holmgren’s bluff on this one. He said a while back that he wished he like Clausen more. Well word is now that he actually likes him quite a bit. My guess was that it was all a smokescreen so that someone wouldn’t try and leap frog over Washington to take him but now that they have Donovan McNabb, it would seem that you would only need to jump ahead of Buffalo now who just so happens to draft after the Browns.

Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell

I just cannot come up with a flashy enough pick for this spot so I am going to stick with the rest of the “experts” and say they go Campbell.

Buffalo Bills: Eric Berry

With so many OT gone and Clausen gone, this really just leaves the Buffs with one pick, best-player-available.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Haden

The Jags can continue to employ their best-player-available scheme and also take an instant starter in nickel packages for them. In 2-3 years, you’re looking at Rasheen Mathis’ replacement.

Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant

With Marshall gone, WR is a need. Bryant has character issues like Marshall, but every head coach has just as large an ego as their players, so McDanials “knows” he can keep his hand-picked WR in check.

Miami Dolphins: Jason Pierre-Paul

Parcells loves guys that can get after the QB and word is that Miami has been favoring Pierre-Paul since the combine and he would fit in nicely if Jason Tayler leaves for the rival Jets.

San Francisco 49ers: Derrick Morgan

San Fran could use a good DE and I feel they take him as a value here. He doesn’t fill an absolute immediate need, but he is for certain one of the best players available.

Seattle Seahawks: CJ Spiller

I still feel that Pete Carroll takes Reggie Bush Jr here and makes him an immediate weapon.

New York Giants: Sean Weatherspoon

I have maintained the thought that the G Men take a ILB here, but McClain doesn’t really fit this scheme like Weatherspoon can. So I flipped. Sue me!

Tennessee Titans: Dan Williams

Tennessee has been linked to talks with Washington for bringing back Haynesworth. Why do that and take on that contract when you can get a younger version for cheaper? A 4-3 DT can’t really play NT in a 3-4 but a NT can play DT.

San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Davis

I know this seems like a reach all things considered with all of the bonehead garbage he has pulled, but Andre Smith went in the top 10 last year after the stunts he pulled and Davis has been reaching out to coaches to express that he really wants to have an NFL career and that he is willing to clean up his act.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Demaryious Thomas

With the recent and unpredicted trade of Santonio Holmes to the Jets, there is a hole on the receiver group. Hines Ward has maybe 2-3 years of his hard-hitting football left and Walker is a speedster that will stretch the field. Thomas is big and strong and can pretty much walk right into the hole that Holmes has left behind.
Atlanta Falcons Brandon Graham He fits the Falcon’s scheme better then Griffen and probably a step ahead of Griffen as well.

Houston Texans: Earl Thomas

Everyone else has Thomas here so I am cheating and playing copy cat. Honestly though, the secondary gets addressed here whether it is Thomas or CB Kyle Wilson, but Thomas is ranked higher.

Cincinnati Bengals: Taylor Mayes

Watch for Lewis to use him as a Safety/LB hybrid and even has him rush the QB some times.

New England Patriots: Jared Odrick

Word is the Pats are more in love with this guy then I am with Carrie Underwood, and that is saying something. I always knew there was something strange going on in Foxboro.

Green Bay Packers: Mike Iupati

Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher were re-signed which means that they will beef up the interior of the line and take a guy that can play either G spot or even move to the T spot in a couple of years.

Philadelphia Eagles: Kyle Wilson

Cornerback depth is something the Eagles must address, and Kyle Wilson is one of the better players available at this juncture.

Baltimore Ravens: Jermain Gresham

Another weapon to beef up the offense because this aging defense began to start giving up more points then its offense was able to score last year.

Arizona Cardinals: Sergio Kindle

Surprised to see him fall this far? I am too to be honest, but his character issues have been so hyped recently that I think he does end up falling a little bit. The Cards need a pass rusher and Kindle can play OLB in their 3-4.

Dallas Cowboys: Maurkice Pouncey

The O Line was clearly the issue with this team not clicking on offense last year. Jerry Jones has never taken an OL in the 1st round ever, so why start now? Because he gets the most versatile OL in the draft and future G or C for the next 5 + years.

San Diego Chargers: Ryan Mathews

I feel that Houston addresses their more pressing need in the secondary and passes on Mathews which allows him to fall to the hometown Chargas! Mr. Sproles, meet your change of pace.

New York Jets: Everson Griffen

With the 5th round steal for Santonio Holmes, the Jets are pretty solid in the receiver group now. They can shift their focus to QB pressure and Griffen has played both OLB in 3-4 schemes and DE in 4-3 schemes. Mix in what seems to be an imminent signing of Jason Taylor and this team could shore up their QB pressure in one week.

Minnesota Vikings: Kareem Jackson

I stand by my pick to help this secondary which got burned so many times last year. After Jackson’s pro day, I think he cracks the first round.

Indianapolis Colts: Devin McCourty

Indy does need some O line help here, but there really aren’t any others that warrant a 1st round selection or pay grade. Indy likes to select the best-player-available and seeing as how CB is a spot that could use an upgrade, I can see McCourty going here.

New Orleans Saints: Brian Price

Seeing as how Sean Weatherspoon went way earlier, the Saints will wait to address their LB woes in the next round. Instead, they steal Brian Price here, who only fell this far because of his crummy pro day and for also being out of shape.


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