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Clash of Titans in the FCFI Expert League: Vince vs. Drew

We have always been humble about the work we do here at FCB – many wonder why we don’t post more often; we prefer to substitute quality for quantity. This is part of the reason that Drew has been on hiatus for the first two weeks after exhausting himself on the preseason projections and Cheatsheet Customizer.

That and food poisoning (he loves the sushi).

Breaking from the humility, I submit to you that both Drew and I lead our respective divisions in the only accepted fantasy college football expert league.

I will post more about my FCFI team, the odd way it came about, and how it was and continues to be a great exercise in “crisis management”.You may have heard about the industry-wide cooperation this off-season to create one coherent fantasy college football expert league – it bears the same name as the one that Drew created and nurtured as the Fantasy College Football Invitational.

Our friends at CFFI host a great landing page of all the expert commentary, and there is also Twitter and Facebook assets with which you can track the league.

Follow me on Twitter this weekend for updates – in between packing bags for the impending birth of my first child, I will be checking out the nice SEC matchups and the more fantasy-focused games of the weekend.


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