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Each week, I try to select one QB who will break-out…a QB who either has a favorable opponent matchup, or, is just “due” to explode.

Even better…finding that one QB who may be capable to do both.

This week, Oklahoma QB Landry Jones (photo, thanks Scout.com), is the QB with a nice matchup who is due to really “explode”.



Landry Jones – Oklahoma (at Iowa State): A QB who, so far,  has had a very good season in 2010, Jones should get his best numbers this year against an Iowa State team who got molested by Utah last week.  The Cyclones should score enough to keep Jones in the game at least three quarters.



Cameron Newton – Auburn AND Ryan Mallett – Arkansas: Huge game for both players and their teams, with the SEC West title up for grabs after Alabama’s loss last week.  Look for an offensive show from both QBs.

Taylor Potts – Texas Tech AND Brandon Weeden – Oklahoma State: The only thing that will limit TT’s Potts is head coach Tommy Tuberville; the only thing that will limit Weeden is RB Kendall Hunter.  It will not be any defense.

Colin Kaepernick – Nevada AND Bryant Moniz – Hawaii: It’s Kaepernick’s legs vs Moniz’s arm…and both should put up some nice stats.  Stock up on the Red Bull or RockStar to watch this one late Saturday-early Sunday.

Taylor Martinez – Nebraska vs Texas: The Longhorn defense has not been the best of defenses this season, and Martinez should have his way on the struggling Horns.

Nick Foles – Arizona (at Washington State): If I was QB for Arizona this week, against Washington State, you would play me, too.   Foles, by the way, is a lot better QB than I am.

Jordan Wynn – Utah (at Wyoming): Wynn is pretty much a must-play the rest of the season…except in the TCU game.

OTHER QBs TO PLAY:  Ben Chappell – Indiana; Jerrod Johnson – Texas A&M; Blaine Gabbert – Missouri; Robert Griffin – Baylor; Christian Ponder – Florida State; GJ Kinne – Tulsa; Kellen Moore – Boise State.



Terrelle Pryor – Ohio State (at Wisconsin): Wisconsin likes to run the ball, and they will try their best to keep Pryor and the Buckeye offense off the field.

Denard Robinson – Michigan (vs Iowa): Michigan State last week figured out how to contain Robinson, and they do not have the defense Iowa has.  Robinson will have big games later in the season…just not this week.

Garrett Gilbert – Texas (at Nebraska): Gilbert just hoping the Huskers Blackshirts do not do to him like they did to his predecessor (Colt McCoy) in last years Big XII title game.



Dan Persa – Northwestern; Darron Thomas – Oregon; Andrew Luck – Stanford; Diondre Borel – Utah State; Kevin Prince – UCLA


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