Triage Time: A knee contusion? My coccyx…

Zach Collaros        QB        Cincinnati        Knee

Collaros’ injury has been reported as a contusion of the knee.  As of Tuesday’s practice time, Collaros was still on crutches with a brace on the injured knee.  The brace doesn’t make sense with a “contusion”, nor does Collaros’ alleged remark that he felt unusual movement of the knee. All the signs tend to indicate damage to the tibial collateral ligament (primary stabilizer on the medial side of the knee).  Collaros will not play this week against Syracuse, but with the bye week following, he could be ready to go, most likely wearing a brace, on November 13 against West Virginia.

MSU RB Vick Ballard: on a milk carton last week, ready to go this week (Icon SMI)

Vick Ballard        RB        Mississippi State        Ankle

Ballard, far and away the brightest spot in the Bulldog offense, will be in the starting line- up this week against Kentucky.  Ballard, recovering from an ankle sprain, was held out of last week’s contest (very late scratch)against UAB to give the ankle more rest and time to heal.  UAB was supposed to be a walk over, but without Ballard, the Bulldogs were lucky to salvage the game.  They will definitely need Ballard and his rushing abilities this week against Kentucky.

Marcus Lattimore    RB        South Carolina    Leg

Lattimore is another player that was held out against a weaker opponent to allow healing time for a sprained ankle.  Medically, this was the right move, but without him, the Gamecocks almost got embarrassed by perennial SEC cellar dweller, Vandy.  Lattimore, a freshman sensation, practiced Monday and there is no doubt that “the old ball coach” will have Lattimore in the game this week against Tennessee.  The Gamecocks still have the edge in the SEC East race, but can’t afford to drop another game.Derrick Locke        RB        Kentucky        Bilateral Stingers

A “stinger” is a brachial plexus injury (damage to the nerve trunk running from the neck down the arm) and it is unusual to have this injury to both extremities simultaneously. The Kentucky medical staff has held Locke out of the last two games, but he is ready for this week’s contest against Mississippi State.  It is probable that Locke will be fitted with additional shock-reducing pads under his shoulder pads and a protective neck collar.  This padding will not slow Locke down and teamed with Reggie Cobb, the Wildcats will need to rack up a lot of all-purpose yards against the Bulldogs.

Denard Robinson    QB        Michigan        Arm

Robinson suffered a strain of the rotator cuff muscles, most likely the supraspinatus.  These muscles are very important in throwing the football.  Robinson has had the bye week to rest and get treatment. Coach Rodriguez, for whom every game is a “save my job game”, has pronounced Robinson ready to play because he is “tough”.  Tough is great, but the Penn State defense will have a virtual bullseye on Denard’s shoulder whether he is back to pass or attempting one of his slashing runs.  Robinson, like most collegiate quarterbacks, is in maintenance mode for both his knee and shoulder injuries.  Hopefully, the bye week rest and his toughness will help him survive the onslaught of an equally tough Nittany Lion defense.

Ryan Mallett        QB        Arkansas        Shoulder

Mallett’s shoulder problem started on the same play that he suffered a concussion against Auburn.  He returned to play a week later against Ole Miss and had to leave that game late because of another hit to the shoulder.  Basically, Mallett is bruised from taking a beating from opposing defenders who seem to get to Mallett on almost every passing play.  With Vandy being this week’s opponent, look for Mallett to leave the game early if the Razorbacks can build a substantial lead.  Any rest at this point of the season is a plus for quarterbacks.

Greg Childs and Joe Adams        WR        Arkansas        Ankle

When you see your QB and your two best receivers on the same injury report, it is obviously not a good sign.  Both Childs and Adams, also an outstanding return man, suffered ankle sprains late in the Ole Miss game and were taken out of the game.  Although listed as “questionable” at this time, there is a very good chance that both will be in the line-up early against Vandy and, like Mallett, be rested in the Razorbacks can get a big lead early on the Commodores.  Ankle injuries rob some of the natural talent of wide receivers not only in terms of speed, but also in terms of ability to stop and start and change directions rapidly.  Best case scenario is for the Razorbacks to get an early lead and allow this trio to get a little more rest and less wear and tear on their current injuries.

Ronnie Hillman        RB      San Diego            Hip Pointer

A hip pointer is a contusion to the iliac crest, the protruding  anteriolateral aspect of the pelvis.  Put simply, it is a bone bruise in an area with very little soft tissue overlying the bone.  It represents no structural damage, but it is a painful injury and that pain can have an adverse effect on a running back who knows he is going to be hit and landed on every time he carries the ball.  Padding, such as a percussion pad to deflect any direct trauma to the area, will be utilized and will provide some protection.  However, there really is no adequate pad to protect anything against a 210 pound defensive back or linebacker hitting someone at full speed.  Hillman will have to play through pain if he makes it all the way in this week’s contest against a struggling Wyoming team which is just playing for pride the rest of this season.

Nick Foles        QB        Arizona            Knee

Another quarterback with a tibial collateral ligament sprain, Foles was withheld last week against Washington and will miss this week’s game also.  The tibial collateral ligament is the primary stabilizer on the medial aspect of the knee and protects the knee against forces from the lateral aspect of the knee.  Such forces deviate the knee medially (valgus force) and stretch the tibial collateral ligament to its yield point.  Look for Foles earliest return to be November 6 when the Wildcats face Stanford.

Jeff Demps        RB        Florida                Foot

Word out of Gainesville is that Demps is practicing with the first team offense and will definitely be available against Georgia this week in Jacksonville.  It is unusual for both teams to head into this game with records as tarnished as the current lot.  Demps has had a string of injuries ranging from a dislocated elbow, shoulder sprain (acromioclavicular sprain) and the latest and heavily contused foot from being stepped on by one of his own linemen.  A healthy Demps means a better Florida offense-the trick now is to keep him relatively healthy for the rest of the season.

Lance Kendricks    TE        Wisconsin            Ankle

Kendricks, is the teams leading receiver – something quite unusual for a tight end outside the Dairy State.  Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle against Iowa and had to miss the last three quarters of that fantastic game for the Badgers.  The saving grace is that Wisconsin has a bye week this week, which will give the Badger medical staff an extra week to work their magic (actually just very good athletic healthcare).  The Badgers return to action on November 6 against Purdue, a team that should not give the Badgers much trouble, so it is possible that Kendricks could get even another week of rest.  The rest of the schedule should allow Coach Bielema to give his starters a little rest with only Michigan at Ann Arbor looking like a Challenge.  Wisconsin is in the driver’s seat for the Big Ten championship and should be able to get all players healthy and rested to begin Bowl game preparations.


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