Open letter to Boise State: Bring chaos to the BCS

Americans simply want a meritocracy where the best survive and the weak do not.  The Boise State Broncos embody that spirit as one of the winningest programs in college football while not being one of the economic power elite.

Boise State Bronco

Fantasy College Blitz, and all who root for underdogs, carry the flag for Boise State in 2010 (Icon SMI)

So, do us a favor and throttle Nevada on Friday Night. Disarm the Wolfpack pistol. Make a burger out of the Turbo Ostrich Colin Kaepernick.

Coach Chris Petersen– you likely know this, but we who seek chaos in college football’s existing regime salute you. Be the successful outsider whose wins based on talent and heart, not on connections and money. We want the Broncos to be an agent of chaos.

While Top 25 ranked Nevada is the underdog in this week’s de facto WAC Championship game, Boise is this nation’s choice of underdog to root for.

Obi Chris Kenobi, you are our only hope.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why the nation should root for you, Boise, Friday Night:

Merit – Boise State stands undefeated and has our second ranked defense in the country. On offense, the Broncos hold the second spot in yards per play at 7.5 and fourth in yards per game, top 20 in rushing offense and second in points per game at 47.9.

Best candidate for the job – Some might question if Boise State still deserves the underdog moniker as they are the winningest team of the past decade and continually beat Big Time Conference foes head-to-head. TCU shares the same gray status, but in 2010 Boise is the logical choice to bust the BCS and get to the title game because of…

Perception/Style Points advantage – TCU has no more bullets in their gun – their streak of shutouts ended with San Diego State’s second-half barrage. Plus, this week’s battle with New Mexico is a no-win situation as the line is too fine between scoring style points for the voters and inappropriate bullying of a weakling. Boise strength of schedule is marginally stronger, but “barbelled” with the tough opener and Top 25 teams on the backend just in time to make their last pitch to jump into the Top 2. Psychological “recency bias” favors the Broncos.

Auburn on the edge – Auburn has the BCS computer love support, less so among the voters. One little crack in the investigative journalism or rumor mongering machine may be enough to push the Tigers down a bit. One big crack and a loss to Alabama in Friday afternoon’s Iron Bowl would be the fuel that ignites Boise States climb to Number Two, regardless of their win over an above-average South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game.

Oregon Ducks should continue to fly – given minor computer support but heavy doses of human appreciation (big scores, shiny uniforms, Heisman candidate), we have to expect they will finish undefeated and are a lock for the BCS title game.

To wrap it up, college football nation, at least the Tea Party like faction that wants the way a champion is crowned to change, has your back. Take out Nevada and it will be hard to deny you a title shot.

Boise State – good for college football, and good for America.


2 comments on “Open letter to Boise State: Bring chaos to the BCS

  1. You spelled Coach Pete’s name wrong. It is not Peterson…it is Petersen.

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