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Early Look at Top 2011 Defenses

No position in college fantasy football relies more on weekly matchups than starting a defense.

Ladies and gentlemen, your USC Trojan Defense (Icon SMI)

While there are teams that are traditionally solid year after year such as Alabama or Virginia Tech or TCU on the defensive end, many weeks you need to find the Major school playing a lesser school. Week 1 is the perfect example, as lets say you have drafted Oklahoma but they face a high flying Tulsa team led by GJ Kinne.

Would you rather play the Sooners defense or maybe even LSU’s who goes against Oregon or lets say UCONN’s.   Just so happens the Huskies are playing Fordham…yes Fordham.  Or maybe take a flyer on the powerhouse (saying that with a giggle) of the Michigan State defense when they play Youngstown State.

The bottom line is never draft a defense early, but be early when hitting the waiver wire to expose matchups every week. But we all still need rankings, so here are the top 25 fantasy defenses for 2011.

1. Alabama
2. Virginia Tech
3. TCU
4. Boise State
5. Boston College
6. LSU (dont play them week one)
7. Florida State
9. USC
10. Mississippi State
11. Ohio State
12. Miami Ohio
13.Central Florida
14. BYU
15. Florida
16. Texas
17. NC State
18. Toledo
19. Oklahoma
20. Western Michigan
21. Georgia
22. Oregon
23. Miami FL
24. Iowa
25. Pittsburgh


One comment on “Early Look at Top 2011 Defenses

  1. PS – Check out Cal – lots of returning starters, relatively weak Pac 12 schedule…nice tasty cheapskate defense.

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