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2011 Pac 12 Fantasy WRs

WR Juron Criner looks to shake off defenses as the #1 WR in the Pac 12 (Icon SMI)

Tier 1 – Top Options

Juron Criner, ArizonaWe expect Criner to be a tick above the next three names on the list.  All of them should tally 1,100+ yards through the air.  However, Criner will get more endzone targets and should collect about 13 TDs.  Draft him first from the Pac 12 WRs and he’s worthy of being a top starter for your overall team.

Robert Woods, USC – Outside of two huge games last year, Woods was pretty forgettable.  However, with Ronald Johnson moving on, we project Woods to use the moment to shine.  Something to the tune of 1,200+ yards and about 9 TDs

Chris Owusu, Stanford – Owusu missed about half of last season with injuries.  The year before, he did show glimpses of his big play ability.  In the past, the big fantasy knock on Owusu is he’s just a homerun threat.  While that isn’t bad, it does lead to some erratic fantasy stats.  However, with Doug Baldwin and Ryan Whalen gone, we project Owusu to get more touches.  Expect him to put up about 1,100 yards and 9 TDs.

Marquess Wilson, Washington St. – Of all the players on this list, Wilson probably offers the most upside.  Last year, he was the #1 WR on this team as a Freshman.  At 6’4″, he can do it all.  Break the big play?  Yep, he had receptions of 50, 68, 74 and 83 yards.  The only knock, which is really a fantasy blessing, is that he plays for Washington St.  This team is pretty bad but it does force them to pass to play catchup.  We’re thinking he rounds out this tier with stats around 1,100+ yards and 9 TDs.

Tier 2 – Depends on Your League Set-up

The guys at this tier will likely come up short of 1,000 yards and score between 7-9 TDs.  Depending on how many WRs you need to start, guys from this grouping project out as a WR #3.  All are worthy of taking up a spot on your bench if you only start 2 WRs.  Guys like Allen, Prater and Jones rise up the list if they become the #1 option on their team.

Markus Wheaton, Oregon St.

Keenan Allen, Cal

Jermaine Kearse, Washington

DeVonte Christopher, Utah

Dan Buckner, Arizona

Kyle Prater, USC

Marvin Jones, Cal

Josh Huff, Oregon

Tier 3 – Filling Out Your Bench

This tier consist of guys projected to collect 600-800+ yards and 6-8 TDs.  With those type of numbers, they are potentially worth a deep spot on your bench or grabbing off the waiver wire for spot starts depending on the matchups.  Also, with 120 FCS schools and typically two WRs per starting lineup, you can see how each year a few names emerge ahead of the projections.  This is a prime tier to find guys that might break-out in 2011.

Jared Karstetter, Washington St.

Paul Richardson, Colorado

Michael Willie, Arizona St.

Gerell Robinson, Arizona St.

Griff Whalen, Stanford

Luke Matthews, Utah

James Rodgers, Oregon St.

Nelson Rosario, UCLA

Tier 4 – Hoping for a Miracle

The following guys are either #3 WRs for their team or are a #2 on a weak offense.  Either way, none are worth drafting.  However, as mentioned above, the one thing we know year over year is that WR is the most likely position to find waiver wire gems.  These guys aren’t diamonds in the rough…they are still coal.  But if you are the type that likes to keep a watchlist, here are a few names.

Toney Clemons, Colorado

Jordan Bishop, Oregon St.

Devin Aguilar, Washington

Taylor Embree, UCLA

Aaron Pflugrad, Arizona St.

David Douglas, Arizona

Lavasier Tuinei, Oregon


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  1. Drew loves Dan Buckner like a fat kid loves cake.

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