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Our Preseason College Football ranks for the SB Nation Top 25 BlogPoll

Preseason polls have more political weight than anything – in the absence of games to judge one is left with speculation at best, blatant homerism and “analyst inertia” from last year at worst.

But that is on a high national level – you know we at Fantasy College Blitz have already projected out the statistical performances of almost 1000 college football players this year, so how will that translate onto the fields of reality?

Bias disclosed: My orange army of Florida Gators, Oklahoma State Cowboys and Boise State Broncos and promoting deserving non-AQ football programs when they deserve it. Jason’s love for Central Florida Knights stands out even among our already heavily-Knightro’d office.

This year, friend of the site Jason Collette of Rotowire/DRaysBay/Baseball Prospectus and I will but our considerably large heads together (seriously, we both wear fitted hats above the 7 1/2 size depending on haircuts) to chime in on our site’s poll for SB Nation.

The SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 is a transparent, authentic weekly college football poll. More than 100 of the most knowledgeable college football bloggers representing fans from virtually every rooting interest align weekly to rank the Top 25 college football teams. Every ballot is available for review.

After Week One we will spend many more pixels supporting our positions – for now this our best probabilistic exercise of what will all shake out after bowl season.


One comment on “Our Preseason College Football ranks for the SB Nation Top 25 BlogPoll

  1. […] and insight from AP members and college football bloggers will be organized by AP's editors. The Associated Press has launched http://www.aptop25.com, an interactive Web destination for detaile… Based upon the AP Top 25 Poll – the nation's most respected ranking of college football programs – […]

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