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BLITZIndex Defense College Football Rankings: Do not sleep on Temple

The Temple Owls continues to strangle the MAC, allowing less than 10 points per game causing much pain to those who like MAC fantasy players this time of year.

Alabama Crimson Tide continues to lead the nation in the two defense efficiency categories, with a FULL YARD advantage over #2 Michigan State on yards per play allowed (3.2!) and points per game with SEVEN. Quite ridiculous to see that kind of gap over the competition.

The leader in the less-discussed third variable, yards per point allowed, is the Wisconsin Badgers defense at 27.7.

A reminder, the BLITZIndex is an equal weighted index of three defensive efficiency statistics – yds/play allowed (YPPL), yds/pt allowed (YPPT) and pts/gm allowed (PPG).

Top 25 below, followed by a pdf of alphabetical sort to help you with your fantasy college football matchups.

DEF RANK BLITZIndex 15Oct2011
1 Alabama
2 Temple
3 Wisconsin
3 Penn St.
6 Stanford
7 Michigan St.
8 Oklahoma
9 Boise St.
10 Ohio St.
11 Virginia Tech
12 Mississippi St.
13 Louisville
14 Cincinnati
14 Rutgers
16 Illinois
17 UCF
18 Michigan
19 Florida
20 Ohio
21 North Carolina
22 Kansas St.
23 Missouri
23 South Carolina
25 Utah
25 South Fla.

One comment on “BLITZIndex Defense College Football Rankings: Do not sleep on Temple

  1. […] it all too.  Wisconsin has the #1 scoring defense and the #4 passing defense in the nation (#2 on BLITZIndex).  Michigan State says big deal, we have the #1 passing defense, #3 rushing defense and the 4th […]

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