Thank you

After being the first making a market in fantasy college football advice in 2005, it is with sadness and without regret that I announce that Fantasy College Blitz is closing its doors effective July 1 2012.

End of the Road

End of the Road

While business is not strong, our decision comes down to life choices.

Our most conservative projections in 2005 predicted great success if we could only get 1% of all the pro football fantasy players to engage in a new and more intense game of skill. Perhaps our friend Joe Dexter knew what he was talking about years ago in that the game itself is just too damn hard to fully grab hold of a large amount of players – and that was only with 116 teams then!

Thomas Edison taught us all that he failed 9000 times before getting the light bulb correct – I raise a glass to all my business partners for joining me on this journey that will someday lead to success.

My personal special thanks to:

Jeff Lagos and Daniel Freer, former FCB business partners that chose other paths along the way. Few know business like Lagos, few know college football history like Daniel. All the best to you as always.

Drew Smith, who like me started this thing and now finishes it. Besides arguing over the draftability of JaMarcus Russell, we learned a lot about each other over the years and I look forward to that continuing.

John Huss, our web business humbled even this force of nature. Without meeting you fifteen years ago, I chill to think of what my life would be like now.

My wife Megan, who supported me in this venture far beyond what many mates would dream. I look forward to getting more sleep with you and our beautiful daughter.

“Neil Young”, college football superfan with more energy than a solar power array. May you find other outlets for your passion for the game (and can I still be in your league with the scoring system envied in ancient Byzantium?)

Our freelance writers, who would often ask when they would get paid and our response was always “When we do…”.

Short of a couple cats, you guys and gals were always timely, entertaining and I learned a lot from you – especially Matt McCluskey (now doing serious news in Upstate NY) who covered the Big East  for us and let me guest weekly on his radio show for a few years. Great times. Keep an eye out for Chris Pendley who possesses unique wit and intelligence – like me when I was his age, just needs to mellow a bit. But talent beyond reproach. Nick Gerogosian the MAC Daddy and his MAC predictions – he knows the Midwest better than most politicians.

To Jason Collette , one of the fantasy baseball elite, who tried his hardest to introduce us to all the right people – heck we even hung out with Jenn Sterger for a couple hours. Seriously, Jason was instrumental in a lot of our success.

The folks at Fantasy Sports Ventures / Big Lead Sports / USA Today Sports Media Group – our marketing partner grew at a much faster trajectory than we did. One of my favorite moments of the FCB journey was when your salesperson called to see if I would buy ads on your new network, and I turned it around and actually got ON the network as the first fantasy college football site on their roster! Between Andy Regal on content strategy and Chip Walker on business, we really had no business getting access to your business sense and intellect so we appreciated every second. Thanks for the time, the laughs and continued success wished to you all.

And quickly, Tim Dady, Randy Burgess, Vincent Lauria, Will Carroll, Nathan Karp, The Senior Bowl staff, Jeff Erickson, Alex Esselink, Todd DeVries, Steve Lassan, Mike Bianchi, Brett Atkin, and Topher Dean were great people I met through this journey and I aim to keep in touch.

And finally, the hardest of the hardcore fantasy college footballers continue to experiment at the NCAA Project. Check us out throughout the season.

If I forgot anyone, my sincere apologies. Please reach out to me at my real name at vincent.regan[at]gmail[dot]com so I can make proper amends. Bless you all.


3 comments on “Thank you

  1. I loved the info on this site and bummed no longer here. Thanks for all the info over the years

  2. As an avid player of college fantasy football dating back to the days of just magazines and hand scoring out of the USA Today, I am sorry to see you go. For years I wanted to see this are grow but unfortunately it has not. I used your site from time to time for info and insight. I applaud you effort and time your team had put in. I wish you guys the best in future and say thank you.


  3. So very sorry to hear that you are closing up shop. I always appreciated the material that you folks put out. I will miss you dearly. Thanks for the memories and to you, the very best of luck in future endeavors. This is a very brutal world this crazy business and its sad that many of us are left in the lurch. Thanks again.


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