Drew Smith

Feast or Famine: Crazy Hitched

It has been a crazy few weeks as I took the plunge into marriage with our wedding last week.  I drove over 3,000 miles in a week between driving to Connecticut for the wedding and then taking the scenic route back to Florida.  We made stops in Boston, DC, Asheville and finally Savannah.  It was my first time visiting […]

Feast or Famine: So Sayeth the Drew

We are now heading into Week 4 of the fantasy college football season.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that football games are actually even being played with the news being dominated by conference realignment…more often than not just hearsay.  I am going to share some of my observations, opinions, and recommendations on this year’s fantasy college […]

PODCAST: On college football conference realignment

Drew Smith, Chief Fantasy Officer, shares his views on the future of college football as the top programs in the sport continue to dance with each other to align new superpower conference affiliations.

FCFI: Team Blitz Breakdown of my Expert League draft

Monday night I had the privilege of participating in the largest existing expert draft for fantasy college football.  The league is packed with the industry’s top minds and I was eager to make up for a disappointing showing last year.  I had the ironic luck of drawing the 1st pick overall this season after having the last […]

FCFI Expert League Draft Results by team

Tons of data from the FCFI Expert league draft last night – 2QB format, hosted by MockDraft Central and MC Randy Burgess keeping the event on schedule. Big hat tip to CFO Drew Smith (twitter @fcbdrew) as his team receives a lot of love from the commentariat at other sites. Best comment so far? Daniel […]

2011 TOP 70 OVERALL FCFI – the TEBOW indicator debut

Normally we are against this sort of thing – for years we ignored an overall list since we think it distracts owners from reacting to the draft vibrations and trends. That being said, in prepping our CFO Drew Smith’s efforts in the industry expert league, the Fantasy College Football Invitational (FCFI), it is good to […]

PODCAST: Vince and Drew pimp the Cheatsheet Customizer 2011!

Vince Mullins and Drew Smith introduce our most comprehensive rankings for fantasy college football for 2011! You will learn why Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon and Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles deserve to be the first players taken overall, and why you can wait on QBs until after your RB and WR starting lineup is filled. […]