Mike Ware

2012 Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl Preview:  Wisconsin vs Oregon Grasp this.  Oregon and Wisconsin are two of 12 teams since 1996 to score at least 80 touchdowns in a season.  In a season!  Now Oregon has done it twice along with Oklahoma.  Take your seat folks, please fasten your safety belts as this one could be a fast […]

2012 Gator Bowl

Gator Bowl Preview:  Ohio State vs Florida Forget the game, everyone wants to talk about the coach.  Urban Meyer, the former Florida Gator coach and future Ohio State coach, will be the most talked about aspect of this game.  What a twist of irony that his former team and his future team are both appearing […]

2012 Capital One Bowl

Capital One Bowl Preview:  #21 Nebraska vs #10 South Carolina This is one of the most even matched games of the bowl season.  Nebraska finished the season 9-3 with a 5-3 conference record and was third in the Big Ten Legends division.  South Carolina went 10-2 this year with a 6-2 conference record and was […]

2012 TicketCity Bowl

TicketCity Bowl Preview:  Penn State vs Houston The TicketCity Bowl organizers did what no one else was willing to do.  Invite Penn State to play in their bowl game.  Kudos to the organizers for having the courage to take the gamble.  The off the field stuff does not involve these players and they should not […]

2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

AKA: We need a new Coach Bowl Both Illinois and UCLA come in to this came with records near the 500 mark.  That explains why both teams will have new coaches come next season and the men that coached them through 2011 won’t be on the sidelines for this game.  Illinois finished the year at […]

Big Ten Championship Preview: Michigan State (Legend) vs Wisconsin (Leader)

Remember back to that classic finish – four seconds left before what appeared to be overtime and Kirk Cousins flung a 44 yard Hail Mary pass that looked like it was going to be knocked down only to land in the hands of Keith Nichol who then fought and got the ball to break the […]

B1G Week 13 Preview

The end of the season is near and so is Thanksgiving.  Time to be thankful for a few things and get ready for some rival games.  First thing I have to be thankful for is You Tube.  I don’t know how many times I have had the Lee Corso over excited moment from last week […]