BCS National Title 2012 Preview: a Rematch for the Ages, LSU to wash out the Tide

Film history is littered with bad sequels to fantastic movies – Godfather, Caddyshack and The Matrix come to mind as examples of producers who didn’t know when to stop. You have no doubt seen this analogy heading in to the 2012 BCS Title Game between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide but it […]

On the BCS 2011 – pros and cons for the Top 6

Two-thirds human. One-third computer model. Three-thirds controversy. 100% needed in a season with out two lone undefeated teams from major conferences. The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) exists to ensure the two best teams meet in the National Title Game. That title game cycles through four sites and bowl committees, as such has some relevance as […]

BLITZIndex: Alabama and LSU set for a battle of defensive titans

If you follow this site, you have likely already programmed your smartphone with the Saturday 8PM kickoff for the epic SEC-showdown-de-facto-national-championship-semifinal LSU at Alabama. You may have done this in the preseason if you are truly a college football freak. Many pixels and inkdots will be spilled on this matchup (rightfully so, and this website […]

SEC Watchdog: There's a New QB in Carolina

We’re finally in the full throes of conference play. This means the starts get a bit trickier, but the games get more fun.  Also, right now it means Alabama and LSU destroy everything in their path, but that was going to happen anyway. Alabama v. Vanderbilt It’s Alabama; Trent Richardson sounds like a good start, […]

SEC Watchdog: This just in…LSU, Bama are Good

The passing contingent of the SEC actually showed up this week! Victories like that are measured in small amounts, but they still count. Also, TDs count, which is the theme of this week. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (30-51, 510 yds, 2 TD; 6 car, -29 yds) This is many yards, yes? The TDs don’t match […]

SEC Watchdog: Chris Rainey vs. The World (or just Bama)

We’re finally into October, which means we’re finally going to get a chance to weed out some of the conference uncertainty.  One month in, it looks like LSU and Alabama are national title contenders, it’ll come down to Florida and South Carolina in the SEC East, and there may be three to four more good […]

SEC Watchdog: Your Retro SEC

Back during the preseason, I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with the QB and WR rankings for the SEC.  I really couldn’t come up with much after the top 2-3 guys in either case.  Well, this week, one of the top QBs was off, one of the top WRs was […]