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B1G Week 13 Preview

The end of the season is near and so is Thanksgiving.  Time to be thankful for a few things and get ready for some rival games.  First thing I have to be thankful for is You Tube.  I don’t know how many times I have had the Lee Corso over excited moment from last week […]

B1G Week 12 Preview

Cooler weather is moving in across the nation.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are in the home stretch of another football season.  The Legends and Leaders divisions both have one leader.  Could it possibly be a Penn State against Michigan State Big Ten title game?  Wisconsin, Michigan and Nebraska are all lurking […]

B1G Recap: Wisco Out

Week 9 was certainly frightful for some teams in the Big Ten.  The Spartans must have felt like they had been cast in a “Children of the Corn” sequel as the Cornhuskers tore them up on Saturday.  Ohio State seems to have found a few tricks.  Gophers even get love on Halloween weekend.  Does it […]

Big 10-4: B1G all about Wisconsin-Michigan State on Gameday Week 8

Saturday at 8pm starts the biggest Big Ten game of the season until December 3rd and the odd thing is we just may see Wisconsin and Michigan State playing for all the marbles in Indianapolis again for the B1G Championship. For now, my preview and also Vince invited to a deep-dive podcast on this game […]

The Big 10-4: Week 7 Recap

Week 7 shattered a few dreams in the Big Ten.  Illinois and Michigan saw their undefeated streaks come to a close, ironically both losses occurred in Trophy games.  Michigan State won the Paul Bunyan trophy over Michigan for the fourth straight year while Ohio State found new life on the legs of Dan Herron and […]

The Big 10-4: Trophies for All (well…some)

Here we go for week 7 with three teams trying to remain undefeated and two teams trying to become bowl eligible.  Trophy games?  We got them this week as Michigan and Michigan State battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy and Ohio State and Illinois battle for the Illibuck.  Russell Wilson will attempt to maintain his […]

The Big 10-4: Week 6 Recap

Honestly, when the season started did you really think that after week six we would be able to say the Big Ten has two teams that are now bowl eligible and those teams are Michigan and Illinois?  I know I sure didn’t expect to say these two teams would be the first to become bowl […]