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2011 MWC Fantasy Preview – a season of change

Dateline summer 2010: San Diego State: Hey, did ya hear the big news? Air Force: what?!?! San Diego State: Utah is joining the Pac-10! They are OUTTA HERE!!! Colorado State: And I hear BYU is leaving too! COLLECTIVELY: {GIDDY} yea! now we have a shot at 2nd place! ENTER BOISE STATE {STAGE LEFT}: Hey guys, […]

Open letter to Boise State: Bring chaos to the BCS

Americans simply want a meritocracy where the best survive and the weak do not.  The Boise State Broncos embody that spirit as one of the winningest programs in college football while not being one of the economic power elite. So, do us a favor and throttle Nevada on Friday Night. Disarm the Wolfpack pistol. Make […]


Amazing!  Hard to believe the fantasy season is almost over! For most leagues, this is either the last week, or, the next to the last week, for regular season fantasy action.  These games are important for those fantasy coaches who are looking for a playoff spot…selecting a good fantasy team QB is a must. Fortunately, […]


For the first weekend of games in October, there is a notable decline in sure-fire, play-them-this-week fantasy QBs from previous weeks.  Gone are the easy non-conference games for the high-octane programs.  Now, the games get a little more tougher, and a little more meaningful, for the big-time programs. There will be some exceptions this week….notably […]

Sunday Service: Perceptions and Misconceptions on Week 4 of college football

I felt a muted Heisman Trophy tone to the end of the Alabama comeback win over Arkansas. Mark Ingram (right) seized his opportunity to produce yards and first downs when needed, even in the Wildcat set. Ryan Mallett failed twice to grab his opportunity in the final five minutes with costly interceptions. That was a […]

PODCAST: Week Two Wrap on the Fix

Vince guested on Matt Mc Sports Fix, and we all need a hit. Covering all the big stories of college football’s Monster weekend, but mostly focusing on the Denard Robinson phenomena and the flaccid ACC performance (4 ranked ACC teams lost). Oh yes, and Matt McCluskey loves him some Big East… http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v9.swf RSS Feed Archive […]

SB Nation College Football BlogPoll Week One

The final tally for Week One is in, and it should be no surprise that the Boise State Broncos received a fair share of first-place votes. Most voters will keep Alabama there until they lose. Both positions very defensible. I will jump back in with my vote next week. Results for Week 2 # School […]