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College Football Breakfast Burrito, Week 10

Since it is obviously Saturday Morning I feel it is finally time to shorten the title of this series. Same great fillings in a lower-fat wrapper…today I am going with Smoked salmon with my egg burrito after an early workout. Protein in full effect. Weather Wow is it ugly in the Pacific Northwest – feel […]

Saturday Morning College Football Breakfast Burrito

While Vince Mullins is away at sea, Daniel Freer will prepare this morning’s Fantasy College Blitz Saturday Morning Breakfast Burrito.  Hopefully, he will make a better burrito than last week.  His burrito last week was somewhere between the Penn State offense and the Florida State offense from September 26th. Can you believe it…it is already […]

Saturday Morning College Football Breakfast Burrito, Week 3

All the latest delicious info and insight wrapped up tight for you so you can set that lineup and get to the tailgate on time. From Weather.com College Football forecast – A tropical atmosphere will remain over the Deep South and Tennessee valley through the weekend. Scattered thunderstorms will also impact Florida. Meanwhile, most of […]

Saturday Morning College Football Breakfast Burrito, Week 2 2009

Wrapping up the week that was along with late updates, all in one nice delicious package… Toledo’s Aaron Opelt breaks through the Colorado defense en route to a 61-yard TD in the fourth quarter (thanks, Toledo Blade) I am ready to go out on the limb and anoint Toledo and QB Aaron Opelt as this […]

Saturday Morning College Football Breakfast Burrito, Week One 2009

Welcome back to the Saturday morning post that wraps up all of the week’s news and adds toppings like early Saturday news updates and my caffeinated last-second analysis. First of all, condolences to those of you who procured a couple of Top 5 RBs who are no longer with us – Buffalo’s James Starks (shoulder […]

Saturday Morning College Football Burrito, Week 11

or Week 10 on the Head2Head schedule. As you read this I am flying to Denver for a little skiing and finish the week in Boulder for the Oklahoma State battle against the Colorado Buffaloes. Huss, Daniel and Drew will provide the steady hand as we all drive to the fantasy playoffs. Let us wrap […]

Saturday Morning College Football Breakfast Burrito, Week 10

All the latest fantasy college football information wrapped up tightly, topped with spicy rojo sauce and served on earthenware in the home of the tortilla Lubbuck, Texas. The fantasy story of the day is the ankle injury status of uber-wide receiver Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech. While listed as probable for the biggest game in […]