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BCS National Championship 2011 Preview: Part Two: Matchups and sentiment give the edge to Ducks over Tigers

Part two of my BCS National Championship Game preview gets to the heart of the matter: what are Oregon and Auburn are likely to do to each other in the perfect conditions of Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, AZ? If I had to rank my “spread offense gurus”, the Top 5 in no particular order would […]

SEC Watchdog Preview: Thankful for Iron and turkeys

This is it – the final week of the SEC regular season, and for most the final week of fantasy playoffs. Rivalry games abound, which typically make projections pretty difficult. It doesn’t help matters that the only game we can safely ignore is the turkey game everyone would ignore anyway, unless they have a thing […]

SEC Watchdog: Week 11 Review, or, Marcus Lattimore is superhuman

This week’s performances look a lot like previous weeks. Florida fails to get anyone on the Top Performers list yet again (did we really spend 20 minutes earlier this season talking about how much Florida’s offense was going to excel?), Vanderbilt is still dead in the water, and Auburn is still rolling up yardage and […]

SEC Watchdog Previews Week 11: Fantasy Playoffs and a sort of homecoming

Most of the teams who got hosed out of homecoming (or, in Tennessee’s case, “homecoming” – since that was a road tilt against Memphis last week) make up for it this week, as Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and LSU get their freebies out of the way. Whoops, Tennessee and Kentucky actually play SEC opponents. Other than […]

SEC Watchdog: Too much spreading the wealth for fantasy relevance

Homecoming was a welcome arrival for the passably-relevant fantasy commodities. (Granted, in the SEC that consists of “anyone other than Cam Newton” most weeks, but minor victories are still victories.) The mass of cupcakes this weekend really isn’t exactly a positive point when it comes to the conversations on conference strength, but let’s be honest […]

SEC Watchdog Week 9 Preview: Sit for the cocktail party…

It’s a light slate in the SEC this week, and it’s all flammable this time around. Fortunately, the fantasy chaff concentrates in a small, Jacksonville-sized area of the Southeast, as even though Gators RB Jeff Demps is finally back, Steve Adazzio is still offensive coordinator of Florida. (Adazzio: great for the rest of the SEC, […]

SEC Watchdog: Week 7 is as good as it gets for fantasy

This is almost as good a fantasy week as it gets for the SEC. After the showcase matchup of Auburn /Arkansas, things trail off – but it’s not necessarily a bad thing this week. The second-tier matchups are at least of the moveable-object plus two relevant guys variety. It’s only a fortunate bonus that LSU […]