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BCS National Title 2012 Preview: a Rematch for the Ages, LSU to wash out the Tide

Film history is littered with bad sequels to fantastic movies – Godfather, Caddyshack and The Matrix come to mind as examples of producers who didn’t know when to stop. You have no doubt seen this analogy heading in to the 2012 BCS Title Game between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide but it […]

BLITZIndex: College Football Defense rankings still led by Alabama and LSU

You may have heard that LSU squeaked by Alabama Saturday night, 9-6. Clever pundits/tweeters likened the extra time to soccer penalty kicks. Clever readers of Fantasy College BLitz knew to expect a defensive struggle since the Tigers and the Crimson Tide led the nation in choking opposing defenses. After that race to the bottom, Alabama […]

BLITZIndex: Alabama and LSU set for a battle of defensive titans

If you follow this site, you have likely already programmed your smartphone with the Saturday 8PM kickoff for the epic SEC-showdown-de-facto-national-championship-semifinal LSU at Alabama. You may have done this in the preseason if you are truly a college football freak. Many pixels and inkdots will be spilled on this matchup (rightfully so, and this website […]

BLITZIndex: Alabama has a 1-1-1 plan for defensive dominance

Herman Cain presents a 9-9-9 Plan to overhaul the US Tax Code (one can imagine the German response), but the Alabama Crimson Tide has already rewritten a few complex offensive game plans in 2011. That is why they rank atop our rankings of the most difficult defensive matchup in the college football country 1-1-1. Lou […]

BLITZIndex Defense College Football Rankings: Do not sleep on Temple

The Temple Owls continues to strangle the MAC, allowing less than 10 points per game causing much pain to those who like MAC fantasy players this time of year. Alabama Crimson Tide continues to lead the nation in the two defense efficiency categories, with a FULL YARD advantage over #2 Michigan State on yards per […]

BLITZIndex: Alabama proves again to be best defense in college football

Lou Saban and Alabama prove again to be best defense in college football, but was the Florida Gator defense any way to test that theory? Lots of the usual suspects in this Top 25, but also some sneaky new teams like the Ohio Bobcats and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Michigan hasn’t played this good of defense […]

BLITZIndex Week 4: Tide at Gators means #1 plays #2 defense

How is that for a setup for a huge SEC matchup? Like it needed anymore data points to generate national interest, the Alabama Crimson Tide defense leads the nation in our exclusive BLITZIndex ratings as they head to Gainesville to face the Florida Gators this Saturday. The BLITZIndex is a three-variable equal weighted ranking of […]