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What Will MusCHOMP hire means to the Gators

I am loving the Will Muschamp hire as the head coach for the Florida Gators. Rapid fire begins now: One, he’s worked for some of the best HBCs in the business in Nick Saban, Tommy Tuberville and Mack Brown so he has been around a lot of winning teams and has worked for coaches that […]


For the first weekend of games in October, there is a notable decline in sure-fire, play-them-this-week fantasy QBs from previous weeks.  Gone are the easy non-conference games for the high-octane programs.  Now, the games get a little more tougher, and a little more meaningful, for the big-time programs. There will be some exceptions this week….notably […]

FANTASY PLAYER OF THE WEEK…Trey Burton, QB/RB/WR/Wildcat/Whatever, Florida

Replacing Florida’s legendary QB Tim Tebow looked like a daunting task for the Gators, whose offense has struggled at times during the 2010 season.  This past Saturday, the Gators may have found their Tebow           replacement.  Sort of. Florida QB/RB/WR/Wildcat/Whatever, Trey Burton, is our Fantasy College Blitz Fantasy Player of the Week for Week Four.  In the […]


Most of survived Week One intact (except your humble writer here…who seems to have caught the “My Fantasy Team Stunk Last Week” flu), and, Week Two looks pretty promising…for your quarterbacks. For those of you who got lucky and picked Houston QB Case Keenum (photo, thanks sportsblognation.com), be prepared to be awarded this week.


Can you believe it…it is just days from the start of the 2010 College Football season!  And, of course, you probably want to know whether your fantasy QB is worth playing in Week One….like Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson (photo, thanks, Scout.com) We got the lowdown on many of the top QB plays this week…and we […]

COACHING CHANGES 2010….The Fantasy Impact

As we head into the Spring Practice season for Division I-FBS schools, this is a good time to check out all the coaching changes that happened in the off-season….and the impact they will have on fantasy football this upcoming fall. Almost 20% of Division I-FCS schools changed coaches in the off-season, with the biggest moves […]


Michigan’s loss was surely Arkansas’ gain…. Most are familiar with the story of Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, our Fantasy College Blitz – SEC Fantasy Player of the Year….how he started out at Michigan (starting some games as a true freshman), and left the program after a coaching change in Ann Arbor that contrasted to the […]