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PODCAST: Vince on Matt Mc's Sports Fix talking TEBOW, Big East fantasy college football

Vince Mullins joins Matt McCluskey on WNER 1410 ESPN Radio Watertown to learn more about our newest rankings – Talent Excess Budgeted Over Walkon (TEBOW) to help you with value based drafting for fantasy college football. Advertisements

PODCAST: Vince and Drew pimp the Cheatsheet Customizer 2011!

Vince Mullins and Drew Smith introduce our most comprehensive rankings for fantasy college football for 2011! You will learn why Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon and Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles deserve to be the first players taken overall, and why you can wait on QBs until after your RB and WR starting lineup is filled. […]

PODCASTS: Big week with multiple postings

Last Monday – Matt McCluskey returned from paternity leave and asked me to join him on WNER 140 AM ESPN radio in the North Country to talk about my pre-season Top 25 (sorry Pitt, and I am not pandering to the Golden Domers) and some of the BCS stars. Last Tuesday Night – Chief Fantasy […]

PODCAST: BlitzRadio with Ron Jumper of Sports Overload

Ron Jumper of SportsOverload.com comes back to BlitzRadio to revisit the 2010 Fantasy College Football Invitational expert league draft held on Sunday, plus share his insights on the exciting Arkansas Razorbacks, led by QB Ryan Mallett. MOCK DRAFT RESULTS GRID http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v9.swf http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

PODCAST: ACC Preview with Jeremy Shory

Since 2004, the Atlantic Coast Conference lags all others in offensive production – but there are some potentially strong individual fantasy performers in 2010. Maybe even Heisman Trophy hopefuls in Jacory Harris and Christian Ponder? ACC correspondent Jeremy Shory and host Vince Mullins break down the talent-and-scandal-ridden UNC defense, get excited about the Miami Hurricanes […]

Podcast: Drew previews NFL Draft on the Sports Fix

NFL Draft Preview with Drew Smith on the Sports FIx Fantasy College Blitz Podcast http://www.podomatic.com/swf/jwplayer44.swf

PODCAST: Bowl week has begun – Vince on the Sports Fix

Happy Holidays to all! Vince Mullins breaks down the first weekend of bowl action (Nation, please meet Dwight Dasher) and previews the game-a-night schedule through Christmas weekend. Live on Matt McCluskey’s Sports Fix on WNER 1410 in New York. RSS Feed | http://www.podomatic.com/swf/jwplayer44.swf