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My 2011 Value QB Strategy Worksheet

It should be well known by our seventh year of publishing, the Fantasy College Blitz position on drafting QBs – but if not, here it is loud and clear again: In a 1-QB start league, if you can’t get a top 3 QB, wait and pick your QB1 when everyone else is going after QB2s. […]

Vince's Minimalist QB Cheatsheet: A New Paradigm

A simpler life is really all I want for Christmas. Perhaps it is because I turned 40 this year, maybe the weight of the overflowing closet and storage bunker, but most likely the motivator is that October 4 arrival of my first child  – wrap it all together and I just have this overwhelming need […]


One of the things I keep bringing up with my FCB colleagues and fantasy players is that, in college football, experience on the offensive line is so important to a college offense. In college football, having an offensive line with experience is a huge advantage.  Unlike pro football, where more training time is allowed, and, […]

Big East Quarterback Breakdown (literally)

this traditional fantasy powerhouse conference has many untried starters at the skill positions. All skill positions. So my glass-half-full nature feels that this should allow for some value opportunities in your draft.

2009 Top 100 Fantasy College Football QBs

In the next week or so we will release customizable cheat-sheets or what we at Fantasy College Blitz like to refer to as our ‘Cheat-Sheet Optimizer’. This year not only will you be able to customize your cheat-sheets based on the conferences and teams like last year but you will now have the added ability […]

QB UPDATE 09/10/08 (And Other Stuff)

From the outhouse to the penthouse… At least that what it must feel like for Hawaii QB Tyler Graunke (pictured, thanks IconSMI), who went from being excluded from the Warriors 2008 plans, to the starting QB this Saturday when Hawaii travels to Corvallis to play Oregon State. Last week, Graunke came off the bench to […]

QB UPDATE 09/04/08

Interesting thing happened at the weekly UCF media teleconference… Instead of talking football with UCF head coach George O’Leary (pictured, thanks IconSMI), the sportswriters got…er…well…”propositioned”. Seems that UCF gave out the wrong telephone number to the media.  The number they gave out was not for the teleconference, but, for a phone-sex line. Just wonder, in between […]