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Feast or Famine: So Sayeth the Drew

We are now heading into Week 4 of the fantasy college football season.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that football games are actually even being played with the news being dominated by conference realignment…more often than not just hearsay.  I am going to share some of my observations, opinions, and recommendations on this year’s fantasy college […]

Feast or Famine: Ruh Roh!

For a select few, it is playoff week. You are setting your lineup and find your cushy games for some of your stars and dream matchups for sneaky waiver wire additions.  Looking across your lineup once more, you see a bonafide no-doubt, every week starter only to realize they laid an immense egg last week. […]

Feast or Famine: Last Drive to Fantasy Playoffs

It is a weird week in fantasy college football.  There are games every night during the week, many major teams have byes and star players are battling late season injuries.  But for many, this is THE week. The week that determines playoff participation, seeding or the end of the season.  With teams such as Pittsburgh, […]

Feast or Famine: 2nd Half Outlooks

One of the exciting things about college fantasy football is that it can drastically change from year to year and even week to week.  Fun, right?  Well with so many busts on a yearly basis, it can also be full of frustration if you used a high draft pick on Jerod Johnson, Lance Dunbar or James Rodgers.  The […]

Feast or Famine: Are You For Real?

Every year, players burst onto the scene in the first month or so and you immediately rush to your waiver wire to add them.  After displaying Heismanesque potential for a month, they throw a dud in or continue to demolish their opponents, leaving you wondering whether this production is going to last or not.  With that as […]

Feast or Famine: Sticky Rice

Week 3’s edition of Feast or Famine will provide fantasy owners some insight as to whether or not certain players are good bets to keep up their current pace (Feast) or are due for a drop off because of better competition, their skills etc., (Famine). Which Bo Levi Mitchell should we expect? Is he the […]

Feast or Famine: Who would have thought?

The first week of the season is always the most bizarre in terms of finding the games next star, picking up the next waiver wire guy who will lead you to a title, and most importantly to ask yourself; Who would have thought that? So without further adieu, here is the list of ‘Who would […]