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Surfing the Pac 12: California Dreaming

Although time is short, college football is constant.  That said, this article will focus more on quick fantasy tidbits.  Onto the games! Arizona vs USC – This AZ team has been a disappointment record-wise, going 1-3 in the early going.  Nick Foles is a solid QB play (he starts for me this weekend) and Juron Criner […]

Surfing the Pac 12: Expansion Looms….Maybe

Rumors fly about a Pac 16.  The fan in me is intrigued with the idea but the writer in me feels 12 teams to cover is plenty enough.  With that, let’s look at 11 of those teams. Presbyterian vs Cal – QB Zach Maynard was my deep sleeper pick during the draft for our in-house league.  Due […]

Surfing the Pac 12: Week 2.1 Preview

Oregon St. vs #8 Wisconsin:   Beavers RB Malcolm Agnew was impressive in his debut with 223 yards and 3 TDs. However, news came out here that he pulled up lame during practice and is out for the game.  That info plus the Wisconsin power run game of Montee Ball/James White and this isn’t likely to be […]

Surfing the Pac 12 – Week 2 Preview Lite

The Pac 12 kicks off the new week with it’s featured game of Arizona vs. Oklahoma St. tonight.  Arizona QB Nick Foles hopes last week’s warm-up of 412 passing yards and 5 TDs translates well against a tougher foe in #9 Oklahoma St.  He will have to do it without the guy who went for 6 […]

2011 Pac 12 Fantasy "Others"

Fantasy “Others” are the positions on your roster that get very little love or attention.  Its your Tight Ends, Kickers and Defense/Special Teams.  Basically, these are usually my last three picks in the draft. However, not everyone likes to sit back and wait so here’s the best of what the Pac 12 has to offer. […]

2011 Pac 12 Fantasy WRs

Tier 1 – Top Options Juron Criner, Arizona – We expect Criner to be a tick above the next three names on the list.  All of them should tally 1,100+ yards through the air.  However, Criner will get more endzone targets and should collect about 13 TDs.  Draft him first from the Pac 12 WRs and […]

2011 Pac 12 Fantasy RBs

Tier 1 – Above All Else LaMichael James, Oregon – What more can be said about James?  He was our #1 draft pick in the FCFI Expert League.  He’s carries one of the top TEBOW ratings, regardless of your scoring system. He is in a class by himself within the Pac 12 and will put up […]