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FCFI: Team Blitz Breakdown of my Expert League draft

Monday night I had the privilege of participating in the largest existing expert draft for fantasy college football.  The league is packed with the industry’s top minds and I was eager to make up for a disappointing showing last year.  I had the ironic luck of drawing the 1st pick overall this season after having the last […]

FCFI Expert League Draft Results by Position – Special Teams

Special Teams can be very important depending on your league format – here is the order of selection for the Kickers and Defenses in the Fantasy College Football Invitational Expert Draft from Monday August 15 2011

FCFI Expert League Draft Results by Position – Running backs

Fantasy College Football Invitational Results for Running backs

FCFI Expert League Draft Results by Position – Quarterbacks

Fantasy College Football Invitational 2011 Expert League Draft Results by Position – Quarterbacks in order of draft.

FCFI Expert League Draft Results by Position– WR and TE

Sorted by position and rank – here are the pass catchers.

FCFI Expert League Draft Results by team

Tons of data from the FCFI Expert league draft last night – 2QB format, hosted by MockDraft Central and MC Randy Burgess keeping the event on schedule. Big hat tip to CFO Drew Smith (twitter @fcbdrew) as his team receives a lot of love from the commentariat at other sites. Best comment so far? Daniel […]

Clash of Titans in the FCFI Expert League: Vince vs. Drew

We have always been humble about the work we do here at FCB – many wonder why we don’t post more often; we prefer to substitute quality for quantity. This is part of the reason that Drew has been on hiatus for the first two weeks after exhausting himself on the preseason projections and Cheatsheet […]

PODCAST: BlitzRadio with Ron Jumper of Sports Overload

Ron Jumper of SportsOverload.com comes back to BlitzRadio to revisit the 2010 Fantasy College Football Invitational expert league draft held on Sunday, plus share his insights on the exciting Arkansas Razorbacks, led by QB Ryan Mallett. MOCK DRAFT RESULTS GRID http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v9.swf http://fantasycollegeblitz.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

Vince's thoughts on the Athlon Mock Draft

Three months until kickoff means three things around the FCB virtual office – that crazy NCAA Project freshmen draft starts soon, we finish up invites to the industries expert league FCFI, and mock draft time. In a year when I plan to pull back on my duties around here (more on that later), I am […]

PODCAST: Fantasy College Football Invitational Playoff edition

Great insight into your fantasy playoff matchups by listening to two Expert League playoff participants – Ron Jumper of SportsOverload.com and 2008 FCFI Champion Mike Hurcomb of CBSSports.com. About fifteen minutes in I get in a shot at the Tennesse Vols players who are charged with armed robbery, but at the expense of the CBS […]