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Triage Time: Save the Best for First… half

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Triage Time: Playoff Edition

RB Jahvid Best, California– “Body Contusion” Jahvid Best made every highlight reel in the country as he tried to hurdle Oregon State defenders.  Unfortunately, he came up a little short and the defenders put him into a helicopter spin that cause him to crash to the ground, landing in an awkward position.  He was taken […]

Triage Time: Brown UPS His Chance to Play For You

WR Vincent Brown, San Diego State – Thumb Brown (pictured left, thanks Icon SMI) was struck on the end of his thumb with the football while attempting to make a catch against Colorado State last week. There was some initial swelling and Brown was held out of the second half. Since then, x-ray has been […]

More Wide Receivers go on milk cartons: Bryant, Decker

Quick update – Dez Bryant decision finally handed down by NCAA – ESPN reports he is out for a calendar year (october to October) meaning next time you see him playing football he will getting paid to do so. Minnesota WR/CF Eric Decker broke his foot against Ohio State this past weekend and chose to […]


Injuries…they stink to high purgatory…and, unfortunately, are part of the game of football. On Saturday night in Lexington, Kentucky, the college football world watched Florida QB Tim Tebow (photo, thanks IconSMI) take a nasty hit on the back of his head when he hit a teammate’s leg while being sacked by a Wildcat defender.  A […]

Fantasy impact: Tim Tebow's injury

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Florida QB Tim Tebow was knocked out of Florida’s 41-7 victory against Kentucky after a hard shot to the head in the third quarter, and taken by ambulance to a hospital. Currently it’s unknown how this hit will affect his status for the Gators’ matchup against […]

Triage Time: Top Picks are a Falling…

With the many injuries piling up on the baseball front and the beginning of NFL games, this weeks Triage Time is a bit delayed. Without further commentary, let’s get straight to the damage, starting with the two biggest headlines this week. QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma – Shoulder Last year’s Heisman Trophy winner went down with […]